Edit availability for an existing invite

1. Log into your zcal account and Click on Edit button for the existing invite

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Next to go to the 2nd page where time availability section is present

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on the day(s) you want to edit your times for

Step 3 screenshot

4. Add your new time availability for that specific day and hit 'Apply'

Step 4 screenshot

5. You can add new intervals for the same day if there is a break

Step 5 screenshot

6. Note that you also have an option to apply those times to the specific day or same day every week or to all weekdays

Step 6 screenshot

7. Once all times are edited, click on 'Next' to go to the page 3 where you can change additional details and click 'Save'

Step 7 screenshot

8. 🎉Voila! your invite is edited with new times and can be shared with you guest(s). If already shared, the times will auto reflect on your booking page

Step 8 screenshot
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