Meta Pixel

The Meta Pixel integration allows you to track visits and actions on your zcal scheduling pages.

Adding the Meta Pixel integration

To get started, you'll need a Meta Business account and a Meta Pixel ID.

  1. Open the Account Integrations page and click the Connect button next to Meta Pixel.

  2. A dialog will open. Enter your Meta Pixel ID in the dialog text field and submit.

  3. To confirm your integration is working, open your zcal invite page and complete a test booking. You should see the events appear in Meta Event Manager after a few minutes.

  4. In Meta Event Manager click the Verify button for each of the zcal events sent to your Meta Pixel.

Events sent by zcal

zcal sends the following events to Meta Pixel along with the data parameters event_category and event_label, which represent the invite id for an invite page and the custom slug associated with an invite or profile page, respectively.

Removing the Meta Pixel integration

  1. Open the Account Integrations page and click the menu button to the right of the Meta Pixel integration.

  2. Click the Disconnect menu option.

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