Round Robin

Note: To use Round Robin invites in zcal, you must have a zcal team. Create one here:

Round Robin invites in zcal offer a streamlined way to manage appointments and meetings by evenly distributing meeting requests among team members. This feature is ideal for ensuring that workload related to meetings is balanced across your team.

When you create a Round Robin invite, zcal intelligently routes the invitation to the next available team member. This ensures that all team members get an equal opportunity to engage with clients, stakeholders, or colleagues.

Setting Up Round Robin Invites:

  1. Create a Round Robin Invite: Start by choosing the Round Robin option in the meeting setup.

  2. Select Team Members: Add team members who will be part of the Round Robin sequence.\

  3. Send the Invite: When an invitee selects a time, zcal assigns the meeting to the next available team member in the sequence.

This feature is particularly useful for:

  • Sales Consultations: Distribute sales calls or demos evenly among your sales team, ensuring fair opportunities for all sales representatives.

  • Customer Support Sessions: Manage customer support schedules by evenly distributing support session requests among team members.

  • Appointments: Balance appointments across multiple practitioners.

  • Recruitment Interviews: In recruitment settings, evenly distribute candidate interviews among HR team members or departmental interviewers.

  • Service Appointments: For services like financial consulting or legal advising, ensure clients are evenly assigned to available consultants or advisors.

  • Educational Counseling: In educational institutions, balance student counseling or advisory sessions among available counselors or advisors.

Advantages of Round Robin Invites:

  • Fair Distribution: Ensures an equitable distribution of meetings and appointments across team members.

  • Efficiency: Saves time in manual allocation of meetings and appointments.

  • Client Convenience: Offers clients or invitees more flexibility in choosing suitable times.

Round Robin invites in zcal transform the way appointments and meetings are scheduled, making the process fairer for team members and more convenient for invitees.

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