Adding the Zoom integration

  1. Open the account integrations page on zcal.

  2. Click the Connect button for Zoom. You will be sent to the Zoom website.

  3. Authorize zcal to connect to your Zoom account. Depending on your Zoom account settings you may need to click the Pre-approve button before you can click the Authorize button.

  4. You're all done! You can now add Zoom video conferencing to your zcal events.

Adding Zoom video conferencing to your zcal events

Once you've connected your zcal account to Zoom you can configure your invites to automatically create Zoom links every time a new event is created.

  1. Create or edit an invite.

  2. Change the meeting location to Zoom.

  3. Save the invite.

  4. Now when invitees book a meeting through this invite a unique Zoom link will appear in the calendar event location.

Removing the Zoom integration

  1. Open the Zoom website and login.

  2. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  3. Click Manage > Installed Apps

  4. Click the zcal app.

  5. Click Uninstall.

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