Sync multiple calendars in zcal

When you have multiple calendars and want to sync them all to have zcal read your availability across all of them for any conflict(s), you can follow the steps outlined below to achieve this.

1. Once you log in, click on 'Account settings'

2. Click on 'Calendars'

3. Click on 'Add calendar connection' at the bottom of the page

4. Click on 'Connect' for the calendar you want to sync

5. Connect your account which is associated with your preferred calendar

6. Follow the steps to complete the syncing process with your calendar account

7. 🎉Voila! your preferred calendar is synced and can be seen in 'Account settings'

8. You can edit the calendars that you would like zcal to either read or not read for scheduling conflicts

9. To edit, just check or uncheck the preferred calendars and hit 'save'

10. You can also select which specific calendar you would like zcal to write the events in

11. To edit 'write calendar', select your preferred calendar account from the drop down and hit 'save'

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