Collective Invites

Note: To utilize collective invites in zcal, you must first create a zcal team. You can create one here:

Collective invites in zcal are specifically designed to streamline the coordination of meetings that involve multiple team members. It efficiently combines the availability of all team members to Display to an invitee. This process greatly simplifies finding a time slot that is convenient for everyone involved.

When you create a collective invite in zcal, it automatically aggregates the availability of all chosen team members and presents this collective schedule to the invitee. During the setup of the Collective invite, you have the flexibility to select which team members you want as hosts.

When time is booked with the team members, and event is created in all selected team members write calendars.

This approach removes the guesswork and back-and-forth communication often associated with scheduling group meetings, especially when dealing with busy or conflicting schedules.

Some common use cases include:

Client Meetings: Share your team's collective availability with clients, allowing them to choose a meeting time that suits everyone’s schedule.

Project Collaboration: For projects involving multiple departments or teams, use collective invites to easily identify mutual availability for essential collaborative sessions.

Internal Team Meetings: Coordinate internal meetings more efficiently by instantly finding overlapping available times among team members.

Consultations and Appointments: Ideal for client consultations or service appointments where multiple providers’ schedules need to be considered.

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