Edit availability for an invite

The availability for an invite allows you to select times you want to be available for invitees to book time with you. You have the flexibility to set the availability using either your saved account availability or a set of custom hours.

  • Saved availability enables you to reuse your account availability times across multiple invites. This helps maintain consistency across invites and savestime by avoiding repetitive setup. For a team invite, this setting will combine the availability of all hosts on the invite. See this help article for more information on how to set up a saved availability: Setting account saved availability

  • Custom hours is ideal for one-off events or special occasions where your regular weekly hours don't apply.

To edit the availability for an invite:

  1. Click the pencil icon on an invite to edit the existing invte

  1. Click on 'Next' to go to the 2nd page where the time availability section is present

  1. Select "Saved availability" or "Custom hours." Selecting the "saved" option will make the invite automatically sync availability with your saved account availability setting. Selecting the "custom" option will allow you to set the availability for this specific invite.

  1. If setting a "custom" availability, set recurring weekly availabilities on the left hand side. Add any date specific availabilities to the right hand side - any date specific setting here will override the corresponding weekly hour. If you do not want to show any availability for the date, clear the time intervals for that date.

8. 🎉Voila! your invite is edited with new times and can be shared with your guest(s). If already shared, the times will auto-reflect on your booking page

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